Climate Trajectories is a climate services provider working to make projections about future climate accessible and actionable. Robust data is needed in virtually every economic sector to plan and design for the climate future that is approaching fast. We are climate interpreters who can serve as the bridge between highly technical climate simulations and the practical data needs of users in both private and public sectors. We are using our expertise in modeling, simulation, statistics, data analytics and software to turn the vast amounts of climate scenario data available today from global and regional climate models into actionable information. Our mission is to help planners, designers, builders, and producers climate-proof their businesses and projects. Stay tuned as we rollout our data platform and consulting offerings in 2023.

Founder & CEO

Kumar Venkat is the founder and CEO of Climate Trajectories. Kumar is a technologist with deep expertise in multiple domains. He is also a climate analyst, software developer, and widely published writer on climate issues. He has founded two innovative technology companies in the past: CleanMetrics in climate tech, and Surya Technologies in the electronic design automation industry. Most recently he was CTO at PlanetFWD heading up technology, software development for product life-cycle assessment and corporate greenhouse gas inventory applications, and life-cycle data development for food and other consumer sectors. Kumar's focus and thought leadership in the last few years have been around efficient/accurate emissions accounting and decarbonization.

Kumar is an expert in modeling and simulation and has a track record of building novel, state-of-the-art software applications based on these techniques in climate tech, electronic design automation for chip design, and science/environmental education. Among his publicly available simulation apps are two in the EdTech space that have been used extensively as virtual labs: ClimateSim -- a simplified climate change simulator based on an extended one-layer atmospheric model, and ChemReax -- a chemical reaction simulator that models both thermodynamics and kinetics.