Climate Trajectories is a climate services provider working to make projections about future climate accessible and actionable. Robust data is needed in virtually every economic sector to plan and design for the climate future that is approaching fast. We are climate interpreters who can serve as the bridge between highly technical climate simulations and the practical data needs of users in both private and public sectors. We are using our expertise in modeling, simulation, statistics, data analytics and software to turn the vast amounts of climate scenario data available today from global and regional climate models into actionable information. Our mission is to help planners, designers, builders, and producers climate-proof their businesses and projects.

What we are solving

Global and regional climate models, simulating multiple emission pathways at various spatial resolutions, are generating thousands of terabytes of data that must be interpreted and turned into actionable information about future climate scenarios at specific locations for a broad range of use cases. Typical application domains include: urban planning/zoning; building/infrastructure design; siting of power plants, data centers and other critical business operations; energy production and demand; water production and demand; crop choices and agricultural practices; transportation; supply-chain planning; and financial/insurance risk assessment/management.

The right data made accessible at the right time can build resiliency into physical and operational systems that are being designed and built today, minimize future climate-related damage to physical and other assets, and help with climate change mitigation by ensuring that systems will continue to operate optimally under a changing climate.

How we are solving it

We are applying our expertise in modeling, simulation, statistics, data analytics and software to turn the large amounts of climate scenario data available today – and even more data to come in the near future – into immediately actionable information. Our goal is to serve as a trusted interface between climate models, climate data and usable information. Our offerings will be domain-specific, taking into account the context of user needs. We will offer both data platforms and consulting services that can quickly cut through the complexities of climate models/data and enable users to focus on the real problems in their own domains.

We recognize that we will be utilizing and building on the enormous amount of work that climate scientists and research institutions around the world have already done and are continuing to do on climate models and simulations. We intend to collaborate with scientists and practitioners in this space at every opportunity so that we can collectively help society design for the climate future that is coming.